Possession of a Controlled Substance in Virginia

Drug offenses are considered as serious crimes in Virginia, and heavy fines and penalties are imposed on the ones found in possession of such drugs. The State has divided the drugs into 6 categories depending upon their nature. These categories are called ‘schedules’, and the schedule of a drug is determined by its potential of … Read more

Prince William Virginia Rape and Sexual Battery Laws

Sexual Battery Laws is also one of the big abusing methods in Virginia, it is also one of the big crime of sexual battery on a minor in Virginia city, in this case, if a minor is a victim, the accused person should have some requirements that he would be required to get registered on … Read more

Controlled Substances in Richmond Virginia

What are the controlled substances? According to the Virginia code, section §54.1 – 3401, the controlled substance in Virginia is “a drug, substance, or immediate precursor in Schedules I through VI of this chapter.” What is a Virginian law for possession of controlled substance? If a person is convicted of possessing a controlled Substance in … Read more

Burglary Laws in Hanover Virginia

Intentionally entering or breaking in to someone house to commit a crime such as arson, robbery, murder, battery, rape, larceny and assault is known as burglary. If a person is facing burglary charges then he/she should contact a Hanover, Virginia burglary lawyer to help them in dismissing the charges, because burglary is a serious crime … Read more

Alexandria Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Do you face problems living with your spouse? Are you thinking of getting a divorce? Has your spouse filed a divorce and now you want to solve the property or child custody issues? There are so many issues which arise before and after getting a divorce. In Virginia, divorce is not just a means to … Read more