Fairfax DUI Lawyer

Dui / drunk driving an experienced DUI lawyer for clients in Virginia, SRIS, P.C law firms offer aggressive legal representation to people arrested for drunk driving throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a former deputy prosecutor and police officer, he handles well over 60 DUI cases every year on behalf of his clients. As your drunken lawyer, he’ll be happy to take your case to court if necessary. If you hire him, he will not send a replacement; he will represent you.

Basic legal representation unlike many other drunk driving lawyers in Virginia, he does not accept clients who have previously been convicted of drunk driving unless they agree to treatment. While people can make mistakes, repeated drunk driving arrests are often symptomatic of a larger pattern of ruthless behavior that can have real ramifications for others. It is a good step for chronically drunk drivers to seek help before their actions lead to a tragedy for themselves or for others. Use my knowledge of DUI Defense for you

The Virginia prosecutor’s office is very aggressive in DUI cases. Do not rely on any DUI lawyer for your criminal defense. As a former police officer and deputy prosecutor, he knows the pros and cons of Virginia criminal law and is well positioned to defend you. He is also familiar with federal laws and can be a valuable ally for drivers arrested for DUI in federal areas such as the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Even if judges are not authorized to suspend or revoke a driver’s license in federal DUI cases, the court will generally make the probation dependent on the fact that the accuser’s driving rights are limited or limited to driving to work, etc.

Virginia’s DMV will suspend or limit the accuser’s driving license if he or she is convicted of a DUI in a federal court. There may be technical, legal, or scientific reasons why your fees are invalid. Get help from an experienced Fairfax DUI lawyer on your case and try to avoid the possible consequences of a drunken driving conviction, including time in jail or in jail, expensive fees and fines, increased insurance premiums and license suspension.

You don’t have to do an alcohol test to get arrested There are many reasons why a person can be arrested for drunk driving, other than simply doing an alcohol test police officer does not need to know your BAC to make an arrest, in fact any number of acts – including blurring the language, failing a sobriety test, or ruthless driving – can serve as probable causes and lead to DUI charges. In any case, you cannot excuse yourself from prosecution after the indictment.

Remember, everything you say can and is usually used against you in court. Don’t try to explain yourself or apologize – contact the SRIS, PC law firm today to speak to a drunk lawyer in Fairfax County who, at every stage of your encounter with the criminal justice system, defends your rights and rights Freedom fights an arrest.