Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws

Robbery is identified as an act of theft, where an individual attempts to take over someone else’s property through the use of force or through the threat of force. As per the present records, the trend of robbery has displayed an evident rise in its incidence rate, where a vast amount of valuables have been lost to cases of theft and robbery. In these circumstances, numerous federal and state laws have been presented that address the different cases of robbery and implicates charges accordingly. Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws are one such set of laws that cater the robbery cases of the state. These laws implicate severe robbery charges which then imposes long-term consequences on the alleged individual.

In this context, Virginia Code Section 18.2-58 regulates Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws, whose statue asserts that any individual who is found to be involved in an act of robbery along with any form of violence, shall be convicted of a felony and shall be charged with a prison sentence ranging from five years to eighteen years. Moreover, a fine of up to $2,500 may also be charged on the defendant, in case of robbery being reported as a misdemeanor. Nevertheless, if the case of robbery is found to be a case of a felony in the court, then the defendant may be implicated with a lifetime jail sentence, along with a huge fine. In addition to this, this conviction of felony can transfer a permanent criminal record on the defendant, while on the other hand, a conviction of a misdemeanor shall only impose a criminal record for maximum 11 years.

Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws also attribute robbery as larceny which is then further categorized into two subdivisions; petit larceny and grand larceny. Virginia law describes petit larceny as a theft of valuables that cost less than $200, which is then charged with Class 1 misdemeanor offense with one-year jail sentence and fine of up to $2500, under the violation of Virginia Code 18.2-104. On the other hand, grand larceny is described as a theft of valuables that cost more than $200, which is then charged with a felony along with a 20-year jail sentence, under the violation of Virginia Code 18.2-95.

Besides these categories of larceny, burglary is also identified as a form of robbery, by the Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws. Within this respect, if an individual breaks and enters into someone else’s house, with the intention of larceny, then the individual shall be convicted of Class 3 felony, under the Virginia Code Sections 18.2-89 to 18.2-94. These charges are then further categorized into two different forms of burglary; breaking and entering, and trespassing. Furthermore, carjacking is also another form of robbery within which, a vehicle is subjected to theft. As a result of this carjacking case, the court may implicate 15 years to a lifetime jail sentence. Thus, if an individual is charged with a criminal offense for being convicted for robbery, under the Loudoun Virginia Robbery Laws, it is recommended to integrate a professional assistance from any professional specialized attorney, so that the charges may be negotiated.