Virginia Aggressive Driving Lawyer

Aggressive driving is similar to reckless driving, but a little more complex. It includes several driving habits, including driving on the left side of the motorway, following too closely, disregarding marked lanes and stopping on the motorway. But aggressive driving has a few other elements.

It’s a mental condition. It is an act that is dangerous to the other person with the intention of harassing, intimidating or injuring that person. Aggressive driving is so dangerous that experienced Virginia aggressive driving attorneys can help you fight it. Babe to push it into criminal charges.

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Two offences mean it is a class four offence. An offense carries up to six months in prison and / or a $1,000 fine or both.

That’s less serious, but it’s still up there on the scale. Criminal charges are easy to file without consulting an aggressive Virginia driver’s attorney. Law enforcement are looking at the circumstances.

If there was an emergency and the person tried to call 911, if there was an accident and happened to swerve to the other side, we could decide not to charge them for something so bad. We would look for clues as to what they thought, but we would have to base them on the accident.

We would look at the circumstances and adapt accordingly. If the person were reckless, we would have to look for clues as to what they were thinking at the time. Did they look down on her text? Were they reckless and picked up the phone all the time? Aggressive driving is similar to reckless driving, because there are the same penalties as speeding, such as a $1,000 fine or a year in prison.

One could behave with fault points. They could cause damage to someone’s car or property, such as a broken taillight. They also behave in such a way that there are criminal consequences. Aggressive driving attorneys in Virginia investigate the circumstances of the incident, similar to a reckless car or traffic violation, and find out what happens at the scene of the accident. There could be an explanation that would explain the person’s behavior more than what the official was judging. These are things that can be asserted on behalf of an offender.